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CalebG Racer | About Caleb Gafrarar

About Caleb Gafrarar

Caleb Gafrarar
AKA: Caleb G
Born on Date: June 12, 2008
Hometown: Midland, NC
Hobbies: Basketball, Riding His Hover Board, Telling Great Stories, Socializing and Spending Time with Friends

Midland, North Carolina’s Caleb Gafrarar, Caleb G for short, just started his 5th season of full time kart racing.  Kicking off the year with a new team with PSL/BirelArt North America as a team driver in the mini swift class.  The 2019 team, new kart, new class!

The 2018 season was a big success, wrapping up the last year in the micro swift class.  He won the ROK Cup Florida Winter Tour championship, finished 2nd in the SKUSA Pro Tour championship and 3rd in the USPKS championship.  A visit to Adria, Italy to race in the Italian Championship proved to provide valuable skills.  He finished out the season with 24 starts, 10 wins, 3 poles, 10 top 5s and 1 top 10. 

In just his 3rd appearance at the SuperKarts USA SuperNats in Las Vegas in November 2018, Caleb took home the 5th place finish in the Micro Swift Class.  After being a contender during the practice rounds, a red flag during qualifying led to the kart not re-firing and he had to settle for a 39th starting position.  By the end of the third heat race, he had passed 72 karts, and that set his starting position on Super Sunday in the P14 spot.  Gaining positions lap after lap, he was just shy of reaching the leaders to contest for the win.  He settled for the final podium spot in P5.  It was a very impressive showing at the most prestigious US karting event of the year.  

However, the racing story begins with his first WKA National race in 2014, he achieved the pole position. A big feat for the 5 year old, competing with kids older and with more experience than him.

Caleb scored his first WKA National win at his home track, GoPro Motorplex, Mooresville, North Carolina, in April 2015. Success continued in yet another series, where Caleb won a Screaming Eagle pole award and Duffy at the IKF Grand Nationals in Riverside, California in July 2015.  Caleb finished out 2015 with two 3rd place finishes in points and the WKA Family of the Year award.

The 2016 season kicked off at Daytona International Speedway at the end of December 2015. Caleb moved up to the Mini Swift/Micro Swift class racing kids ages 7-10 years old.  He scored his first WKA Grand National Win in 2016 in New Castle, Indiana.  He had 33 starts, 8 wins, 8 poles, 15 top 5s and 5 top 10s.  The 2017 season wrapped up with him adding to his resume a 2X WKA Grand National Champion with 36 starts, 12 wins, 1 pole, 13 top 5s and 6 tops 10s and taking home the championship in the WKA Manufacturers Cup.

Make sure to catch him on track, online or on the Race Monitor, RaceHero, SKUSA or ROK Cup USA apps.